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In case you thought I only did weddings and little kid’s birthday parties, here is “C”. For her Quinceanera her Mom wanted photos. This is what we got. These first few are showing “C’s” casual side. She’s a very fun (and funky) girl! We had a blast! For those of you unfamiliar with the Quinceanera, just click on that link above (don’t forget to come back though!) Yup, she even makes braces cute (they’re pink!)

“C”, I had a great time. You have a SUPER birthday and fun on your vacation. You’re gallery will be posted soon!!

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  1. BingO says:

    This girl is gorgeous and so are your photos!

  2. Liz says:

    Great portraits! I always love seeing the work of other Oklahoma photographers!

  3. Jane says:


  4. Nice composition, I have wanted to do one for a while.

  5. She looked like she was a lot of fun!!! Love the hats, were those hers or yous?

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