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Snow Day! (Actually More of an Ice Day)

Well, I’m no longer in school, but once in a while I still get a snow day. I’m originally from Denver, CO and so I should probably correctly identify today as an ICE day. Oklahoma doesn’t really get snow as much as it gets ice (think, precipitation coming out of the sky into all that wind…you get the picture).


Since the ice storm closed my office (state office), I decided I needed a photo project to occupy my down time today. I started out in the bathroom and was drawn to the white on white.


Okay, I got lucky and got one of my cat, Lois. Normally she turns her head when she hears the camera’s auto focus “beep, beep”.


Cute little kitchen cow.


This is a childhood toy that I’ve had forever. It came from my grandparent’s house just before Grandma packed up and moved to an assisted living center.

Real (and old) Mardi Gras beads. Very cool.


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  1. Koppi Write says:

    Great photos. We don’t have that many snow days here.. in fact none since I was in Jr. High. It looked like you made the most of the day!

  2. What fun!!! I love snow days. I never think to get my camera out and just shot around the house though… thanks for the great idea and sharing your images.

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