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Tiffany and Adam 06-22-09



Here we have Adam getting ready.1991The cuff links proved to be the biggest challenge of the whole wardrobe experience.2011-copy

But soon everything was under control and Adam and the guys had a chance to relax.

2031Of  course I could not let the Converse All Stars box go to waste.

2043Nor could I pass up so many great shoe shots.


They’re Chuck Taylor’s ya know.2272-22295First dance as a married couple. 2422

It’s always so sweet to see the bride with her dad.2439

And the groom with his mom.24432478

There was a balcony at this wedding chapel.  Made for some great aerial shots. 24822528

Cutting the cake.2529

And Tiffany gives this project 100%.2535

This couple certainly will never run out of smiles and laughter.

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  1. Dorie says:

    Looks like this was a fun wedding! Love the shot of the groom chillin’ in the red chair. Nice work!

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