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Anna and Zander are the darling couple.  A to Z!

1076Lilies seem to be a favorite flower and they are very striking in a bouquet.  Although I have added just a bit of sparkle to her bouquet (isn’t her ring lovely?)


Before the bride entered, we have a couple of minutes while the guests were treated to a slide show.  1332

The wedding party had to wait just a bit before they could make their big entrance.


This little squirt was actually pretty content to wait.1322

I belive Anna was singing along with the slide show (“I’ve Had the Time of My Life” I do believe was playing.)1349-213811386



The reception.  Flower toppers are the big thing this year.


Cutting the cake.


I promise things didn’t get too out of hand….promise.



When I told them “this is for the blog”, I wasn’t kidding!  They obliged without question.15211524

Our next bride?  1525-2

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  1. marianne says:

    Looks like a fun wedding!

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