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Bring on the July Weddings!


Mid July brings us to Steve and Jane.  Their ceremony was performed at the lovely St. Joseph’s Chapel in Norman, OK.

1916Jane’s dear friends are here to congratulate her on this big day.


Of course where would she be without the love and support from the younger set?  (Keep your eye on the beautiful little red head…)2072-2207719622137

I had a MARVELOUS vantage point to shoot from and I was thrilled when I got this shot.


The darling little red head is Olivia.  She made a stunning Jr. bride’s maid don’t you think?



After the ceremony and all the guests and family had left for the reception, I got a few of just the happily married family.  2360

Time to celebrate!  The venue was the GORGEOUS Cobblestone Creek in Norman OK.24162438

The focus was on delicious food and awesome friends and family.2474

Steve’s humor was in good supply giving Jane yet another reason to smile.251425372546254925562728

Family ties.



And sorority ties.


One, two, three!2750

Lest you think that I have the ability to transport myself from the top of the stairs to the bottom in the blink of an eye, I can’t.  (hee hee)  These next two shots were captured by my second shooter, Pam Bales.



I think it will be a few years before she’s ready to walk down the aisle!



Yes, this was fun day and of course a whole new life for this family!!


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  1. Pam says:

    Weddings are definitely your forte’…
    thanks for posting some of mine, I am a slacker when it comes to blogging! again great job…!

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