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And let me just say, “A” is as beautiful inside as out!!

3524We had so much fun.  It really didn’t matter if we were in the studio or outside roaming Guthrie’s streets.  We had a blast.


But first, let’s take a little more of a look at the the studio work….


Wow!  Can you say gorgeous??3529But she was always up for  fun when I wanted her to don some silly hats (I LOVE them and love having lots of fun clients who can appreciate them as well!)


Let’s move on outside.  Lots of fun here with a bit of off camera flash (thank’s to her mom who didn’t might doubling as a voice activated light stand!)3587

Alright, you’re already thinking it, so I will say it…she does look a bit like Carrie Underwood.


Thank you for coming out!  I will have your gallery info soon!!3568

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  1. Travis says:

    Sweetheart- you can’t go outside now without your big bro to protect you- you’re just too good looking!

    Love the pics- you and Marianne did some great work here!

  2. Tonya Ratcliff says:

    Alex- You are beautiful! I love the pics! You look awesome! Your attitude says it all!

    Love you….

    Your Big Sis: Tonya

  3. Stacey says:

    I love her black and white hats!!!!!

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