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Nesser’s 50th Wedding Anniversary at Nonna’s in Brick Town


Ahh true love.  It’s a pleasure to get to share in these occasions.  Please join me in saying happy anniversary to Herman and Verble Nesser!  We begin at the beautiful Nonna’s restaurant in Oklahoma City’s Brick Town.

Nesser 8000Famous for their excellent fare of entrees and fabulous desserts.

Nesser 8003Nesser 8004

The room has been set up with care and attention to detail.Nesser 8007Nesser 8008Once the immediate family has arrived, we get right to business with some family photos.

Nesser 5002Nesser 5004This particular family had the honor of the most members so I had a little fun with them.

Nesser 5006They didn’t disappoint me!!

Nesser 5007

The entire gang!Nesser 5008

Nancy planned this well since we had lots ‘o time for gabbin’.  Nesser 9010Nesser 9008Nesser 9011Nesser 9003Nesser 9013Brayden, you were the life of the party.

Nesser 9009

Well the food arrived and it was time to wind down, thank God for what He has given us and enjoy the delicious food!

Nesser 9005Cibo Molto Buono!

Nesser 8009

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  1. Pam Booker says:

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple and family. Love you all, Pam

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