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I Crashed a Kindergarten Graduation


I’ll admit it.

I saw that the home schooler’s kindergarten graduation was on our church schedule last week, so conveniently I showed up with some of my equipment and offered to take some photos.  Who could resist me?  LOL.

Certainly not these three beauties.

Diplomas aside, let’s get to the real deal!  Each child got a fun pack of goodies to commemorate the event.

The ceremony was very sweet.  Each father took a moment after his child received their certificate to share a special word with them.

Everyone was so patient!

The kids really got into the concept of tossing the caps.  I think they were just thrilled to have permission to do something so rowdy!

Here are just a couple of family shots.  For something so impromptu, I was happy to get a few shots for everyone.

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